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Why Tag Fish?

Tagging or marking animals has long been an accepted biological method for monitoring wildlife; birds are banded on their legs, black bears and grizzly bears carry radio transmitters, as do sea turtles. Even monarch butterflies have been banded with delicate mylar patches. The reason for doing this is to tell one creature from another so its daily movements or seasonal migrations can be studied and rates of growth can be learned.

Learn where your fish go and how big they grow.

Tagging is even more important for fish because, unlike other animals, they spend their entire life under water and out of sight. By attaching tags to various species of planted and wild fish, tagging allows one to better manage information on abundance, growth rates, age, migrations, strain identification, and stocking success. Tagging can be done at the hatchery prior to stocking or on location during a "catch and release" activity.

T-bar anchor tags (shown below) can be printed with your own custom information and sequential numbering system.

Contact us to learn more about the fish tagging products we offer and how you and other anglers can track and record the history of the fish in your pond or lake. 

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