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Lake Aeration Systems

Oxygenating aquaculture ponds and lakes increases fish production and improves fish health, number and growth rate.

Aquaculture aeration is vital to the vigorous health and vitality of fish. Without enough oxygen, fish become stressed and their growth rate slows. Additionally, the lack of oxygen bottom will allow the build-up of fish waste and other organic nutrients at the bottom of the water body. As this material decays, it leads to the build-up of toxic gases which are harmful to the fish.  Paddlewheels and surface aerators do not address these problems or correct them.

Complete oxygenation of the bottom of an aquaculture water body and toxic gas removal enables oxygen breathing microorganisms and insects to feed on organic sediment and organic waste just as a snail does in an aquarium. Once oxygen levels are restored throughout the entire water column, and toxic gases at the bottom are removed, fish then feed on the insects at the bottom.

Turbulence produced by conventional aerators re-suspends muck and mixes toxic gases and anoxic water into the water column.  A Continuous Laminar Flow Inversion and Oxygenation type aerator system restores and maintains aerobic conditions in water bodies by employing natural non-turbulent inversion to aerate the water from bottom to top. Oxygen levels remain consistently high, water quality improves and organic sediment and waste is converted into food for fish, producing rapid fish growth.

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